Recycling of Bottles

Any recycled bottles that can need to be recycled through us.We provide businesses and private clients with our eco-friendly recycling bottle program in Valley Stream, NY. Typically, in the Valley Stream area and for a certain amount of bottles, we’ll pick them up for free. We started out in the recycling business so we consider this one of our specialties. We feel that our planet can take all the help it can normally get. We love to play a small role in preserving our beautiful environment. Ask about our free recycling program when you contact us at 917-681-4657.

More information about our Bottle Recycling program

The bottles we take are the 5 cent bottle deposit amounts that are charged by retailers in the state of New York.  Some guidelines and restrictions do apply so please call us and let us know if you’d like to learn more about the Valley Stream Bottle Recycling Program.

What if I am not in Valley Stream?

Are they really recycled?

Absolutely! The founder Tyrone started with recycling. It’s something he cares deeply about. Everything we can do to help the planet is a feather in our cap. Call us anytime with any at 917-681-4657.

That’s fine as well. We’ll still come to you. We have a small travel fee based on location and if you do not meet our minimum bottle quantity there will be a minimum quantity fee as well. It’s still a fraction of the cost from anywhere else and no where near the service you’ll receive from TB Trucking.

Some photos from our recent recycling jobs:

Recycling of Bottles
Junk removal in valley stream