Recent Jobs

Our recent jobs in Levittown, Long Island. Phil needed some help after some demolition work in Levittown, Long Island. There was a lot of construction debris and garbage in his house at Levittown. Here are a couple of pictures from his house demolition in Levittown:

This was just one portion on the first floor! There was twice the amount of construction garbage in the second floor of this house. We were able to complete the job within half an hour. TB Trucking left his place clean and  junk and garbage free.

Phil had some appliances that he wanted to get rid of. He was unable to discard appliances through Levittown. TB Trucking recycled these appliances for free of charge as a part of our scrap metal pick-up program in Long Island.

Phil has another house he is currently renovating. He asked for our help in Valley Stream,NY disposing of heavy construction garbage in his house.

We can’t wait to work with our customer Phil again. He’s always happy to see us and we love getting rid of Junk and other garbage for him no matter where he is in Long Island.

If you have any questions the recent jobs page. Then, you can contact with us.

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